5. A corgi for every season.




  8. motherboardtv:

    We’re Looking for a Missing Plane and All We’ve Found Is Trash

    This put humans in danger because we eat fish that are raised on eating trash and toxic waste.




  11. ultrafacts:

    1. Forgiveness isn’t about excusing a transgression. It’s about choosing not to live with hatred.

    2, Being polite doesn’t cost anything, but you profit from it endlessly

    3. If you think you aren’t good at anything, you may just not realize your skills because they are…

    #3…. I need to do this often.
    My false belief that ‘people are assholes’ needs to die.


  12. wildcat2030:

    The impacts of global warming are likely to be “severe, pervasive and irreversible”, a major report by the UN has warned.
    Scientists and officials meeting in Japan say the document is the comprehensive assessment to date of the impacts of climate change on the world. Members of the UN’s climate panel say it provides overwhelming evidence of the scale of these effects. Natural systems now bear the brunt, but a growing impact on humans is feared. Our health, homes, food and safety are all likely to be threatened by rising temperatures, the summary says. (via BBC News - Climate impacts ‘overwhelming’ - UN)

    Food security is highlighted as an area of significant concern. Crop yields for maize, rice and wheat are all hit in the period up to 2050, with around a tenth of projections showing losses over 25%.

    After 2050, the risk of more severe yield impacts increases, as boom-and-bust cycles affect many regions. All the while, the demand for food from a population estimated to be around nine billion will rise.

    The future wars will be fought over natural resources.


  13. Nirvana - Something In The Way

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    Nirvana - Something in the Way

    April 5, 1994